About Us...

JAMM Enterprises LLC is a for-profit business registered as a Limited Liability Company in the state of Georgia for purposes of providing customer support services to general commodities. JAMM Enterprises LLC was established in 2015 as a virtual call center company hiring independent contractors to perform as quality customer support specialists. What separates JAMM Enterprises LLC from other entities is the company's emphasis on delivering honest and quality service to each and every customer. Everyone at JAMM Enterprises LLC works hard to ensure that the customers have the best experience possible. Every customer is treated as a priority, and every service is rendered with integrity and care. 

We are a company founded on principles of commitment, respect, love, and purpose. We believe that once we have made a better life for ourselves, we should help others better their lives as well. We proudly give back to the communities we serve, and take every opportunity to leave a positive impact on someone's life, whether they are an employee, a customer, a partner, or a stranger.
We hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes of our business endeavors and strive to exceed expectations in every aspect of business. We truly value our specialists, as we do our clients, and we work hard to maintain our principles and diligently carry out our mission.

We are Dedicated. We are Dependable. We are Professional.
We are JAMM Enterprises LLC!

-Our Mission-

To provide opportunities and invest in the enrichment, growth, and success of individuals and communities.

Meet the President

Jacquelyn Mallard

Hey! Thank you so much for your interest in JAMM Enterprises LLC and what we do. I am very excited to have you join our team and help you burgeon beyond your expectations in any & every way possible! I am passionate about creating new opportunities for communities and individuals, and I believe in helping others achieve their goals. I am a student & young entrepreneur trying to make a way just like everyone else. My ultimate goal is to grow my business, attract amazing individuals, and help them obtain success so they too can live life to the fullest! Want to know more about me? Read my full bio here!


JAMM Enterprises LLC is a virtual call center company that provides clients with quality call center services. We offer services such as customer support, technical support, order processing, and more. We have a dedicated and well-trained cadre of customer service and support specialists who are able to render top-notch services in a timely and cost-effective manner & we are always looking for more awesome individuals to join our team. We are real people running a legitimate business and we are completely dedicated and passionate about creating better opportunities for all!


P.O. Box 4611 Valdosta, Georgia 31604

Email: contact@thejammenterprises.com

Phone: 478.412.7401